Trouble Naming that Tune? Try Midomi

The weekend finds me out and about quite often. My travels lead me from one social scene to another. Spending time at the karaoke bar is something I enjoy to do every once and awhile. My vocals are not the best, but I try to perform just like anyone else. I also love to listen to other people sing their favorite songs. Often, I will find myself leaving the bar with a tune stuck in my head. There is one huge problem though. I seem to never remember the song and it tends to bother me. Finally, there is a solution to that annoying little problem. All you need to do is visit Midomi, a place where all you need to do is sing a few words of the song, and Midomi will do the rest. Midomi is a website that allows you to sing your heart out. The site is designed so that you can sing the words to songs you know and do not know. Watch as the site will ID any tune you sing into a computer microphone. Midomi will analyze the pitch, rhythm, melody, and many other features related to the sound of music. Your selection will then be compared to a large database of 200,000 plus songs. The songs are placed onto the site via ones sung and submitted by users. You will be pleasantly surprised on how quickly and accurately the site will match your song. However, nothing is perfect. Midomi will be wrong here and there. This is due to the fact that some songs have yet to be placed into the system. The site encourages you to find the name of the song and placing it into the database. That way, someone else will be able to find the answer to a similar question. I found the site easy to navigate and a great help. My journey to the site happened because I wanted to find the name to an old rap song. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the site could even recognize an old school rap song. All I had to do is sing a couple lyrics and the Midomi website did the rest of the work. It analyzed my tone and the way in which I said the words. The system they use is so complex and well built, that my song was identified very quickly. They picked out the exact song and made me a life long visitor. Midomi incorporates unique technology. The service was developed mainly for practical fun. A small project grew into something that was greatly demanded. Midomi is now working on more ways to match your music better. Next time you are stumped, give the site a visit and see how it works. You will realize that those annoying little headaches have to be no more. Next time you are stumped, just run to your computer. Let Midomi be the karaoke partner that you always wished you