This is the new US Air Force weapon, killing drones in the blink of an eye

The THOR system uses high-power microwave beams, capable of shooting down large numbers of unmanned aircraft at the same time. According to The Verge, the US Air Force has introduced a high-power microwave feedback system designed to combat drone attacks (small unmanned aircraft). The tool is called THOR for short. The Air Research Division at Kirkland Base in Albuquerque (New Mexico) is the developer of this system. They use high-power microwave beams to disable drone devices. According to local television station KRQE, the system was quickly studied in just 18 months, at a cost of about $ 15 million. Because of the power supplied by the transmitter, THOR can be transported and used anywhere after only a few hours of setup. THOR is used to attack short-range targets earlier this year. The US Air Force is still using another microwave system for mid and long range. The major concern of the US military is whether THOR is capable of attacking a series of drones operating under the system. However, project manager Amber Anderson said the tool “acts like a flashlight”, anything in its signal area “will be shot down in the blink of an eye”. In fact, removing unmanned aircraft is a challenge: they are small, difficult to shoot with guns and the risk of road users injured by debris is very high. That makes the Air Force constantly find solutions to handle this device, from using nets to hunting with eagles.