Opera Mobile 9.5 – the Hottest in Mobile Technology

Ahem. Attention all Windows Mobile users. The much-awaited beta release of Opera Mobile 9.5 is officially out today, available as a free download at their site. As was promised, Opera Mobile 9.5 has all necessary features to make it a substitute to desktop web browsers. Lets see what all the buzz is about, and what makes Opera Mobile 9.5 the hottest and the coolest mobile browser around. Opera users all over the globe vote Opera Mobile for the fastest and most stable mobile browser available for their smartphones. Opera Mobile has been a leading browser available for both Windows Mobile and Symbian based platforms since the last few years. The newest version in its line up, Opera Mobile 9.5 empowers its users to experience content-rich web browsing right on their palms. The core of Opera Mobile 9.5 is built on a latest version of Opera’s proprietary rendering engine, Presto 2.1. This leads to improvement both in performance and quality over previous builds. The interface is novel, and browsing experience seems to be a blend of Opera’s latest 9.5 Desktop browser and Opera Mini, the J2ME based mobile browser. Bringing the best of both these worlds, Opera Mobile 9.5 goes further by adding full support to Web 2.0 standards. While the beta release contains two-thirds the full feature-set of the final version, fans around the world are awaiting the final release. The final release will incorporate full support for third-party plugins like media players, graphics viewers etc. As for the first beta version, there are a few known issues, but they will hopefully be resolved in the next revision. The newest features of Opera Mobile 9.5 apart from the previous versions are the save page capability, changed tabbing functionality, enhanced searching and link manipulation. Another most noticeable addition to Opera Mobile 9.5 is the page overview function which is inherited from Opera Mini due to its popularity. For its anticipating customers, Opera said plans for future betas of Opera Mobile 9.5 will include support for Symbian OS as well as Opera Widgets, Opera Link and Google Gears. Source: Opera Software ASA