Huawei sued the US Department of Commerce for “kidnapping” devices

Huawei asked the US Department of Commerce to return the telecom equipment it sent to the California office for research. The Reuters site reported that Huawei filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Commerce, demanding clarification on the telecommunications equipment the company sent from China to the United States and then bringing back, under the authority of the export authority. this country or not. The Chinese technology giant said it has shipped telecommunications equipment including servers and Ethernet switches to research labs in California. After completing the experiment, they will be returned to China. The lawsuit claimed that the company did not have to apply for any license because it was not necessary. However, these devices were confiscated by the US government in Alaska and so far there is no clear explanation of whether the company needs to apply for a permit to transport it. “According to the information we know, this device is still in a warehouse in Alaska,” Huawei said in the complaint. Currently, the US Department of Commerce has not given an answer on the incident. Huawei believes that this device does not require a license because it is not in the controlled list. Besides, it was produced outside the United States and will return to China, where it was created. In the lawsuit, Huawei asked the US to return the device to the Chinese carrier or the US Department of Commerce would have to determine whether the shipping was right or wrong.